DO-IN Japanese Body Exercises


DO-IN is an ancient form of Taoist Yoga, the main goal of DO-IN (Tao yin) is to create balance between internal and external energies and to revitalise the body, mind and spirit, developing strength and flexibility in muscles and tendons.

Through rolling, pulling, stretching we open the energy channels and become aware of KI-energy nourishing and strengthening our organs and helps us gain a calm and clear mind.

Who is Dianto

Dianto is a one-man company based in The Hague, who started doing massages in his father's company when he was seventeen years old, raised with kendo and Japanese culture from a young age.
This started his path of self-development, discipline and meditation as a young boy. When he was 23, he found a shiatsu massage school and fell in love with the way of life and philosophy it presented, dedicating his life to sharing this with others.
Inspired by this, he started doing shiatsu on himself and his clients.
Eventually, he began to hold workshops and lectures at festivals and events to help inspire people to live healthily, treat our bodies with respect, to develop your own emotionality and to be conscious of our body and mind.
He will also be doing massages all weekend in his massage chair: come try it. Drop by for a quick fix-up or for an interesting talk about Eastern medicine.

Look for the Shiatsu banner.


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


Hal 2 - Dojo


Saturday 11:30 - 12:30

Ticket Sales Closed

Booth open: unknown

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