Theatre Sword play

Hey, if you are reading this... We Love you!! We are Zwaardspel.  We teach theatre sword fighting for kids and adults. We also perform demonstrations where my partner and I, in various themes, battle and engage an audience. We have practice swords that are safe and look cool. Study with us and with each other to fight/play in the styles of your favorite characters. This is not sword fighting, it is swordplay. We come together to find who you are with a sword, and have fun all the way.

Practice swordplay just like your favorite film or anime! We’ll begin with a short battle and then teach the basics of theatre sword fighting! All ages and characters welcome! 


We teach in many themes, each with its own unique battle and style. The Ninja vs Samurai Cop is our newest theme. We have many more, like Monster Hunters, Pirates, Knights, Star Wars, Shakespearean Death, Zorro, Janitor vs Evil Time Lord, Spider-Man and even Pokémon. We have easily identifiable characters and a unique battle suited to each theme. If there is a theme you would like us to represent, let us know! If we don't have it, we'll make it! We love the challenge!

Outside AnimeCon, we come to you for birthdays, bachelor/ette parties and school functions, but we also love working alongside festivals. We easily accommodate a certain age or mixed aged groups. Our class/workshop can be open and continuous or set in rotations of groups or at starting times. Whatever is best for you, is great for us! If you are interested in having us, please contact me or my partner. We offer all classes in Dutch or English.


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


Alexia Room/ Ushi Combat Dojo


Friday 15:00 - 16:00

Friday 15:00 - 16:00

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