In this Corner of the World

Torn apart by war. Broughy together by love. The 18-year-old Suzu has to face unprecedented circumstances.

The story begins when, in February 1944, for better or worse, Suzu becomes a bride in Kure, a major base of the Japanese Navy at that time. This was the city where the Navy’s largest battleship, the “Yamato”, was also based in.

As a bride in a strange land and coming from Hiroshima City, Suzu becomes the wife of civil official Shusaku Hojo.

Moving in with her new husband’s kind parents, she starts her new life along her very strict sister-in-law Keiko and her sweet daughter Harumi. Along with the nice neighbors Mrs. Chita, Mrs. Kariya and Mrs. Domoto, she discovers the joys of everyday life in Kure.

However, supplies become scarce gradually, forcing Suzu to make do with whatever she can for food and clothing, still being able to sometimes draw a nice picture of their daily life.

One day, Suzu gets lost in the city and meets a courtesan called Rin who is somehow linked to her. On another time, she meets her old classmate Mizuhara who has become a sailor in the cruiser “Aoba”, an encounter with unexpected mixed feelings.

On March 19th 1945, Kure suffers several air raids that fill up the sky, and many things that Suzu cherished are lost. However, everyday life goes on. But then, the Summer of 1945 arrives…


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