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Kees Stravers

If there is a convention, you will most likely see Kees and his trusty camera making photographs of cosplayers and the event in general. At Anime 2017 he did exactly that: Taking pictures all around the venue.
If you follow the links below, you can view most of them (you do need to log in to Facebook though).

Anime 2018: Friday 

Anime 2018: Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup Part 1 & Part 2

Anime 2018: Sunday

Anime 2017: LiveHouse

Anime 2017: Fashion Show

Anime 2017: Ball de Magnifique



Our friends form Nozlan are traveling from convention to convention with their photostudio. At Anime 2018 they were also present once again and you can find their photographs here:




Sushi Times

Last year, the Sushi Times was also present at Anime 2017 and have taken some nice shots. You can find them by following the links below:

Anime 2017 Friday

Anime 2017 Saturday

Anime 2017 Sunday

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