Cosplay at AnimeCon
Taste Japan: Takoyaki
Japanese Calligraphy Workshop
Cardgames at the Exp Plaza
Figures and merchandise at the Dealer Room
AnimeCon: Japanese Fashion, Lolita and Visual Kei events

AnimeCon Festival Events and Activities

Our program, full of a wide variety of activities, is what differentiates AnimeCon from other conventions. Putting up the full program is a lot of work and keeps us busy until the festival finally starts. In 2019, we had over 200 events spread throughout our convention! Lectures, workshops, contests, tastings... From classic tea ceremonies to boardgame nights, from Japan-related Bingo games to dancing workshops, from the AMV competition to speed dating, there are few events we won't consider hosting. If you have a great idea for our program, or would like to host this particular event yourself, please send an e-mail to the Festival Events department through the contact form.

As we approach the date of the festival, you will see these pages continually increase in number and expand in content and details. Also the information left over from the previous year will steadily be removed or updated to the current edition of our festival.

Festival Event Overview!

Paid workshops

For a few workshops you need an extra paid ticket to cover the costs and materials used. Tickets will be for sale online on each page and this page (below) starting on Tuesday the 16th of May 20:00 until the tickets are sold out or 30 minutes before the workshop starts. If any tickets are left then we will sell them at the location of the tasting / workshop.

We no longer have a separate counter at the festival for purchase of food tickets. All pre-sales occurs online.

The Latest Events

AnimeCon has many different kinds of activities. From tastings to game competitions and from workshops to a showcase of indie gamedevs. Check our timeline for an overview of all events.