Just like every year AnimeCon will welcome several special guests this year. Read more about this years guests below, or head on over to our cosplay page to learn more about the amazing judges for this years various cosplay competitions.

Special Guests

Sakura Ebi

Ebi Chan is a Manga artist / cosplayer from Japan. After graduating from art college, she became a professional manga artist. While active as a cosplayer, she also draws many manga, character designs and illustrations online.

She is the author of the manga "Enjou Hero Ako", but also worked on many other titles such as the magazine "Hope" from Code Geass.

VA Guest: Rachelle Heger

AnimeCon is prout to present our guests of honor for this year! We have invited two international voice actors who are known for numerous Anime, western animations and video games.

Rachelle is a professional voice actress and singer originally from Boston.

She has been in a variety of projects, including various video games, animation projects and commercials. Since she was little Rachelle has always been singing and acting, whether it be on stage or in her parents’ living room. She realized her passion for acting and singing when she started to participate in musicals in high school, the first being “Kismet”.

You might know her from series and games like Lego Friends, Fire Emblem: Engage (Celine, above), Omega Strikers, Final Fantasy VII, Smite, Eureka Seven, I've Been Killing Slimes... (Laika, below), Genshin Impact, Little Witch Academia (Sucy), and Shenmue III.

Together with Laura Post, Rachelle will do a Q&A and will be signing portraits and items of characters she plaid on all three days. The Q&A will be announced soon on the website!

Keep your eyes peeled for more details about their activities at AnimeCon 2023!

VA Guest: Laura Post

AnimeCon is proud to present the 2023 voice actor guests! This year we have invited two top talents from the United states who have voiced many Anime and Super hero animations as well as some Awesome games!

Laura Post is one of the voice actresses who is also a voice director who has performed in a lot of anime series and games we will welcome this year at AnimeCon!

You may know her for her roles as Aria Lieze in Nanoha A's, Ragyo Kiryuin in Kill la Killl, Rosalia in Sword Art Online and Blizzard in One Punch Man amongst many, many others.

She also has portrayed characters in video games like Ahri in LOL, Queen Azshara in World of Warcraft Cataclysm, Harley Quinn in Batman: The Enemy Within, and many more!

Recent Mobile gamers might know her from the smash hit from Mihoyo Genshin Impact where she voices Yelan!

Lauren will be giving a Q&A with fellow Voice actress Rachelle Heger and she will also sign prints and items related to characters she has done. For up to date information about our guests please take a closer look at our online schedule.

Lauren and Rachelle will be signing every day during AnimeCon's opening times.

Special Guest Events