Bags, Props & Consumables Rules

The AnimeCon 2019 Bag, Props & Consumable Rules. 

Our continuous, non-stop festival offers a diverse palette of entertainment and this requires us to be quite strict in some areas. While cinemas allow you to take your drinks and popcorn with you into a video room, we know from experience that we should either close the video rooms regularly for cleaning or pay high cleaning costs afterwards. We do not like to close the video rooms and the cleanup costs would increase our ticket price. Therefore we chose not to allow people to bring consumables with them.

Likewise, many of the rooms are filled with expensive equipment and our festival is in the middle of a high security zone. Therefore we cannot allow people to take their bags with them on most of the festival terrain. Instead we offer both a free bag room service and a rented locker service so you can have your belongings near and easily accessible at the entrance without us having to call in a bomb disposal squad to remove your bag.

The Dutch law does not allow you to carry anything resembling a weapon with you. It should be clear at a distance of 20 meters that what you are carrying is fake. Giant props are awesome to behold, but not when you are trying to see through it in order to follow what is going on at a screen, so leave them behind when you enter an event room. We have a special "quick queue" in the bag room for cosplay props and camera's.

To further confuse people, the rules sometimes change: during the prom and the disco you are allowed to bring your drinks and props with you to the event room, but not during most other events.

As this is all quite confusing, we decided to relax our previous “no bags allowed ever” rule and use a zoning system during the festival, stating what is and is not allowed where, instead of just "relying on common sense". The end result of these rules is that the deeper you enter the festival, the more you should be just you and not stuff you are carrying.

We will have a bag check at the entrance of the festival at Rotterdam Ahoy.

Always allowed

  • Small bags (with a maximum volume of 25cm x 14cm x 7cm), under the condition that these are worn very tight to the body at all times.
  • Small props – that do not violate Dutch law – which can be carried on person or in your hands.
  • Whatever fits in your pockets.

Altijd toegestaan

  • Kleine tasjes (met maximale afmetingen van 25cm x 14cm x 7cm) zijn toegestaan zolang ze strak op het lichaam gedragen worden.
  • Kleine cosplay props – die niet de Nederlandse wet overtreden – gedragen op je lichaam of in je handen.
  • Alles in je zakken.

Always allowed with a Bag permit

Some people need their medication or aids with them all the time; those people can request a Bag permit at the Registration Desk during the festival. Do not only bring the medication in question, but at least the packaging and if possible also the prescription, so we can check that you really are required to have your medication on you.

A bag permit is a permission for:

  • Bags smaller than 5 liters.
  • Larger bags if we are convinced of the need.
  • Aids such as wheelchairs, crutches, etc…
  • Whatever else is needed to keep you safe and healthy.

Altijd toegestaan met een Bag permit

Sommige mensen moeten altijd medicatie of hulpmiddelen bij zich houden; in dat geval kan je een Bag permit aanvragen bij de Registratie Desk tijdens het festival. Neem niet alleen de pillen mee, maar op zijn minst de verpakking en indien mogelijk het recept, zodat wij kunnen zien dat je echt je medicatie bij je moet dragen.

Een Bag permit geeft je toestemming voor:

  • Tassen van minder dan 5 liter.
  • Grotere tassen indien noodzakelijk.
  • Hulpmiddelen zoals rolstoelen, krukken, etc…
  • Alles wat je verder nodig hebt om veilig en gezond te blijven.

Red zone: All activity rooms

The rules are strict in the Red zone. You cannot take bags, drinks, food, large props, etc… with you, except for the items that are always allowed.

The Red zone consists of all activity rooms: the theater, all video rooms, the game room, the dealer room, the dojo, the event plaza and all event rooms.

There are a couple of very specific exceptions:

  • People are allowed and even encouraged to leave the dealer room with bags containing purchases.
  • Laptop & laptop bags are allowed for the workshop “Making most of your tablet”.
  • Dealers and event staff are allowed to take food and drinks with them for personal consumption only.

Rode zone: Alle activiteitsruimtes

In de Rode zone zijn de regels streng. Tassen, drank, eten, grote props, etc… zijn niet toegestaan, behalve de altijd toegestane dingen.

De Rode zone beslaat alle activiteitsruimtes: het theater, alle video rooms, de game room, de dealer room, de dojo, de event plaza en alle event rooms.

Er zijn een paar specifieke uitzonderingen:

  • Het is toegestaan en zelfs aangemoedigd om de dealer room te verlaten met tassen met aankopen.
  • Laptop & laptop tassen zijn toegestaan voor de workshop “Making most of your tablet”.
  • Dealers en event staff mogen voedsel en drank meenemen, maar alleen voor persoonlijke consumptie.

Orange zone

Here we relax the rules a bit so you are allowed to take more with you, but only for a specific purpose. So people are allowed to carry:

  • Large cosplay props when you want people to take pictures.
  • Photo and video gear and camera bags are allowed as long as they are carried and nothing is put on the ground.
  • People going to the dressing rooms can take their suitcase with them. 

However, on no account is it allowed to:

  • Leave any bag or prop unattended.
  • Block doorways, passages and paths.
  • To carry any prop with a sharp edge or that is deemed dangerous or illegal according to our security.
  • Take food and drinks with you.

However, people are of course allowed to consume the locally available foods and drinks at the Maid and Butler café, the Prom on Friday, the Disco on Saturday and during the Sake and Whisky Tasting and during the Sushi Workshops.

Oranje zone

Hier zijn de regels minder streng en mag je meer bij je dragen, maar alleen als het een specifiek doel heeft. Zo zijn toegestaan:

  • Grote cosplay props als je gefotografeerd wil worden.
  • Foto- en videoapparatuur en cameratassen zijn toegestaan, mits ze gedragen worden en er niets op de grond gezet wordt.
  • Mensen die zich gaan verkleden kunnen hun koffers meenemen.

Echter, het is nooit toegestaan om:

  • Tassen of props onbeheerd achter te laten.
  • De doorgang te blokkeren.
  • Props te hebben met scherpe randen of die onveilig of illegaal zijn volgens onze beveiligers.
  • Voedsel of drank mee te nemen.

Het is natuurlijk wel toegestaan om lokaal beschikbaar voedsel en drank te consumeren bij het Maid and Butler café, het Bal op vrijdag, de Disco op zaterdag en gedurende de Sake en Whisky Tasting en de Sushi Workshops.

Green zone: The reception area and Hall 3

Ahoy Plaza, Hall 2 and Hall 3. Here the rules are quite relaxed, but pay attention to the following:

  • Do not leave any bag or prop unattended.
  • Do not block the passage of other people.
  • Do not carry any prop with a sharp edge or that is deemed dangerous or illegal according to our security people.
  • Do not use electronic devices to show licensed media content to other people.

Lastly we may have to tweak or change the rules during the festival because of some unforeseen danger. So rule number one remains to listen to the staff.

Groene zone: De ontvangstruimte en hal 3

De centrale ontvangstruimte, Hal 2 en Hal 3, die ook dienst doet als food court. Hier zijn de regels ontspannen en geldt enkel het volgende:

  • Tassen of props niet onbeheerd achterlaten.
  • Geen doorgangen blokkeren.
  • Geen props met scherpe randen of die onveilig of illegaal zijn volgens onze beveiligers.
  • Het gebruik van electronica om gelicenseerde media aan mensen te tonen is niet toegestaan.

Sowieso moeten we de regels soms tijdens het festival aanpassen of veranderen voor een onvoorzien probleem. Regel nummer één blijft dus om naar de staf te luisteren.

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